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How the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is Helping Americans

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law…

  • Is the largest investment in repairing bridges ever made in the U.S.

  • Will make sure every American can access high-speed internet.

  • Funds the cleanup of pollution sites to protect American families.

Highways under construction above a body of water

Since the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law passed in fall 2021, it has laid the groundwork for protecting American families.

The Law invests in modernizing transportation, upgrading technology Americans use, and protecting the Earth.

Updating Transportation

The Infrastructure Law has $110 billion in funding for major repairs to roads and bridges across the country. This is the single biggest investment in bridge repair since the construction of the interstate highway system in the 1950s.

The Law invests in public transportation to the tune of 24,000 buses, 5,000 rail cars, and 200 stations. These investments will modernize transportation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

By upgrading airports and seaports, the Law strengthens supply chains, which allow goods to move efficiently. This will prevent inflation.

Upgrading Technology

Rural communities with no broadband internet coverage will have access to high-speed internet under the Law. This will close the digital divide by helping the some 30 million Americans who live in areas without coverage access the internet.

The Law will upgrade the power grid across the country, which will prevent power outages. Investments in the grid will also expand clean energy, while lowering costs: a win-win!

By investing in physical and natural systems, the Law protects communities from the dangers of extreme climate change. The Law also makes infrastructure systems more resistant to the ever-growing threat of cyber attacks.

Protecting the Earth

The Law contains funding to upgrade the country’s lead service pipes, which currently pose risks, especially to children. Right now, 400,000 schools and child care centers do not have safe drinking water. The Infrastructure Law will make that a thing of the past.

The Law invests in a national network of electric vehicle chargers. This will make it easier for Americans to have electric vehicles, which improve air quality.

This is the largest investment in cleaning up existing pollution ever in the U.S.. The Law will especially help children who live near contaminated sites, who are more likely to have lead poisoning. In addition to the safety benefits, these projects create good-paying union jobs.



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