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What Can You Do?

Promoting Truth

When reading news either on the web or on social media, take these 8 steps to make sure what you are reading is true.

  1. Read Past the Headline

  2. Check What News Outlet Published It

  3. Check the Published Date and Time

  4. Look What Links and Sources Are Used

  5. Look Out for Questionable Quotes and Photos

  6. Beware of Confirmation Bias

  7. Search if Other News Outlets Are Reporting It

  8. Think Before You Share

Get Involved in Your Community

America's strength has always been its small towns and the communities they build. We believe the best of America is when citizens get involved in their communities, helping make a better future.


Volunteer Match is a nonprofit organization that connects people with local organizations and helps you find the best volunteer opportunities near you. 

Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 7.18.28 PM.png

Click on the logo and see where and how you can get involved in your community. 


Let us work together to build a better America! 

Highlight A Small Town Hero

We know there are millions of amazing things happening across the United States and we want to hear about them and amplify them. But we need your help.  

Contact Us and tell us about someone who is making a major impact in your home town. Let's highlight great Americans doing amazing things. 

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