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Michigan Plays Large Role in Jan 6 Hearings

people protest at capitol

New information indicates that Trump supporters plotted to hide out in the Michigan State Capitol overnight to hijack the electoral voting process during the 2020 election, replacing the legitimate state electors with their own votes.

Former State GOP Chair Laura Cox revealed that this plan was developed during discussions within the Michigan GOP. Laura testified her shock upon hearing these plans, calling the scheme “insane and inappropriate.” Fake electors did attempt to infiltrate the Capitol but were turned away by Michigan Police. Joe Biden ended up winning Michigan by 154,000 votes, though some Republicans continue to have doubts.

Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey (R-MI) also testified on the events prior to Trump leaking his phone number as part of a “pressure campaign.” In November 2020, Trump had invited top GOP leaders to convince them to delay certifying election results based on the claims of election fraud. During such conversations, Shirkey made it clear that they would be following the law in Michigan. Displeased with his response, Trump tweeted out Shirkey’s personal phone number to create further tensions. Shirkey received nearly 4,000 angry text messages from individuals who believed Trump’s election fraud claims.

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson also talked about the terror of having countless armed Trump supporters surround her home, shouting things like ““stop the steal” and “murderers.” She expressed she was worried about the safety of not only herself, but her family. By the time the Detroit Police arrived at the scene, the crowd had dispersed and no arrests were made.

These hearings reflect a deeper investigation into the incidents of January 6th as well as shed further light on Trump’s efforts in convincing state legislators to overturn election results.



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