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Rudy Giuliani Investigated for Baseless Claims of Election Fraud

  • Giuliani is facing scrutiny for misleading Georgia lawmakers.  


  • Fulton County District Attorney is collecting evidence on potential crimes like solicitation of election fraud and conspiracy.

Prosecutors in Georgia are investigating former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani for spreading false claims of election fraud after the 2020 election. 


Georgia state lawmakers testified to a grand jury that Giuliani and other lawyers for the former president pushed conspiracy theories about voter fraud in early December 2020 across the state. 


Giuliani attended a meeting of a Georgia Senate Judiciary subcommittee to spread lies about massive voter fraud in the 2020 election. 


“It was intended to give legitimacy or provide a foundation for there to be legislative action to, you know, basically throw aside the slate of electors," said Georgia State Senator Jen Jordan, who attended the meeting.


Giuliani’s allegations of voter fraud were false. The top federal prosecutor for northern Georgia, BJay Pak, who was appointed by Trump, testified to the January 6th Committee that Giuliani’s claims of voter fraud were not true. 


In late December 2020, Giuliani traveled to the Georgia Capitol again to promote lies about the election. 


“I was kind of like, this can't be serious, because everything they're saying is so ridiculous,” State Senator Jordan said. “Now, in retrospect, we really did dodge a bullet in terms of our democracy, because these folks were not playing.”


The results of the 2020 Georgia election have been reconfirmed by 3 separate hand-counted audits. 

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